Our approach to project administration at Amoskeag Architectural Group is a team effort philosophy; all parties related to a project are of equal involvement; assuring a dynamic project.


The design team is comprised of reputable professionals selected for expertise applicable to your project needs.


At Amoskeag Architectural Group, we utilize our consultant team’s professional knowledge, our clients input, and evaluate project needs and function fully - to complete a successful project.



Alan Yeaton is a registered architect conducting business in New England for industrial, commercial and residential projects for over 40 years. His business history includes 27 years as founder and lead architect of Alan H. Yeaton Architect, P.A., and of its successor business, Amoskeag Architectural Group since 2000. Alan is also co-founder with Stephen McHenry of M/Y Architects International.


Alan’s broad work experience in New England includes projects from original construction to complete building renovations. He guarantees successful project completion and client satisfaction by continued involvement leading and coordinating the team of professionals at Amoskeag Architectural Group.


Other architectural interests include the markets of sustainable design and special needs residential facilities. He has recently embarked into the international market with client projects in Africa.

PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: Registered Architect, New Hampshire #912

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Donald A. King is an architect, designer and the head of production at Amoskeag Architectural Group and Alan H. Yeaton Architect since 1991. His professional experience encompasses designing multifamily public residences to industrial buildings. Examples of Don’s architectural design and production work are single-family residences, multi-family residences, residential additions and renovations, stores and restaurants, and interior projects. 


Don’s special interests are designing passive solar residences. He received honorable mention from the Northeast International Committee on Energy Efficient Design in 1981 for his residential design utilizing passive solar. Examples of his passive solar designs are single family homes throughout New England and Canada.

PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: Registered Architect, New Hampshire #2022

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